Christopher Morik

Christopher Morik, a partner at Gaffin & Mayo, P.C., joined the firm in 1993. He is a graduate of New York University and New York Law School, and was admitted to the bar in 1991. Mr. Morik has a general practice in New York and New Jersey which focuses on the following areas of law:

Business/Commercial Law
Mr. Morik assists entrepreneurs in all areas of their business including formation of the legal entity; preparation and review of all corporate documents, including shareholder agreements and contracts with third parties ; purchase, sale or lease of assets and property; protection and preservation of the business assets ; and litigation and dispute resolution.

Real Estate
Mr. Morik represents individuals and entities in all phases of their ownership of real estate, including the purchase, sale and mortgage of residential and commercial properties. Whether it is a couple ‘s purchase of their first home, or a corporation ‘s sale or mortgage of a commercial property, he regularly communicates with and advises his clients regarding all aspects of the transaction. Mr. Morik also represents landlords and tenants in connection with leasing residential and commercial property and in litigation.

Wills and Estates
Mr. Morik prepares wills, powers of attorney and health care proxies for clients in a wide variety of personal and professional circumstances. He has practiced for many years in the Surrogate’s Courts, having prosecuted and defended will contests and other estate matters.

Mr. Morik is currently acting as the court-appointed property guardian of several individuals. He is on the New York State Supreme Court’s approved list for appointment as a guardian, court evaluator, receiver, referee and attorney for any interested party in a guardianship matter.

Personal Injury/Litigation
Mr. Morik continues to handle personal injury cases, including matters arising out of automobile accidents, as well as medical malpractice and wrongful death cases, in New York and New Jersey.

Mr. Morik is also of counsel to The Yerman Group & Jia Law Group.

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